The Great Affair

Letters by, and conversations with, friends, acquaintances, and familiar strangers about how they make sense of the world and their place in it.

A letter from Cambodia: An American journalist on the stateless Vietnamese communities forced to leave their floating homes on the Tonle Sap Lake, where…
An acquaintance from my early backpacking days talks about everything that has taken him to his new home along Italy’s Via Francigena.
An Indian journalist on how conflicted she felt when she considered donating part of her liver to her father, in a country where women face social…
A Japanese essayist on negotiating deep-rooted traditions and her own wayward path, and how this shaped her relationship with her father.
Weaving between past and present, vignettes from a life at sea about solitude and friendship by a Malaysian writer who once taught English on cruise…
An Australian activist-journalist on being deported and banned from Indonesia, where she had built a life, and reconciling her feelings for her home…
A Malaysian writer on how a trip with her mother to a fishing village—and the complicated feelings it surfaced about identity, privilege, and…
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